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About Personal Weather Stations

The Personal Weather Station (PWS) project allows anyone to purchase a low cost automated weather station and contribute the conditions to our website. We have thousands of stations in our world-wide network and the project is still growing!

In weather forecast search results, we display the closest weather station to the city for which you are searching using our Fast Forecast feature.

Placing Your Weather Station to Report Accurate Readings

Software Configuration

Now that you have an ID and password you need to type them into your weather station software. Make sure you enter the ID in all capitals, and the password exactly as you chose it, both fields are case sensitive.

Make sure that the software you are using supports this feature. Even if you already have a supported package, make sure that you have a new enough version that supports this feature.

Detailed Instructions:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't my data appearing on the forecast page?

It takes about 1 day for our database to update all of our web servers and place your station on your local forecast page. Also, if we don't have current data from your station, then we will remove it automatically from the list until we get the next update. Also, make sure you have correctly entered your ID in all capitals. The password is case sensitive too.

I entered my station ID and password into my software, so why do I get an "Invalid ID or password" message?

The most common cause for receiving this error message is that you have entered the login information into the station software incorrectly.

To login, please make sure to enter your station ID in all capital letters. (such as "KAZTUCSO5"). The station ID is almost always comprised of eight letters and one to three numbers. If you have an "O" or "I" as the last letter before the number(s), it is very easy to mistake it as a number.

The password is case sensitive ("myPassword" is not the same as "mypassword"). Try re-entering the login information in your station software and upload data once more. Reply to this message if you continue to experience problems uploading data to our network.

Note that it may take up to a few hours for observations to appear on your station's history page. Personal weather stations that return to service after being offline take at least one day to re-appear on your city/ZIP local weather forecast page.

Weather Underground Related Pages

For more information about Personal Weather Stations and to learn how to join our network, please visit the following pages:

Weather Station Upload Protocol

For information on the Weather Station and Rapid Fire Upload protocol:

Rapid Fire Updates

For information on how to enable Rapid Fire Updates. Rapid Fire Updates enable your weather station to send observations every few seconds! There is a free flash widget that displays the weather observations as they update:

Uploading Images of Your Station

You may now upload images of your station and have those images appear on your history page. Detailed instructions can be found below.

Other Website Resources

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