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About Trip Planner

The Trip Planner helps you plan for upcoming travels and events. Simply choose the start date and end date of your event or trip. The Trip Planner will search our historical database for the weather conditions during those dates in past years. The results will help you decide how hot, cold, wet, or windy it will be!

About Astronomy

  • Moon Phases To find information about moon phases, use the search box at the top of any Wunderground page to look up your location. On the City Page, scroll down to the Astronomy heading, which includes phase images and information about the moon. Here's a link to a website that explains in detail about the light reflected back to earth by the moon, in various phases: http://home.earthlink.net/~kitathome/LunarLight/moonlight_gallery/technique/moonbright.htm
  • Other astrological info You can find detailed information about the stars for any location. To view a map of the stars, click on the link labelled "Star chart" under the "Astronomy" section on any weather forecast page.
  • Sunrise/Sunset Sunrise and sunset times can also be found under the Astronomy heading on the City Page for the location you're looking up.
  • Tide Times You can find local tide information by searching for any city in our Fast Forecast box at the top of every page, and then clicking on the "Marine Forecast" for that city.

About Language Translation

The Weather Underground uses volunteers to translate the weather phrases into different languages. If you would like to help fix the translations, or add a new language please submit a request here. We will send you instructions on how to log into our language system to start editing the phrases.

Troubleshooting Language Issues

If you are seeing a language other than your own on our site, it is most likely because you have changed your language preference on our site, or because your browser's language settings are not set properly. If available, we will display our pages in the language selected on your browser.

To check your language settings on our site, click here.

If that is not the issue, check your browser's language settings.

Add a Search Box to your Website

To add a search box like the one we have at the top of our pages, just copy and paste the following HTML into your webpage:

<form target="weather" action="http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast">
<font color=#000000>
Find the Weather for any <b>City</b>, <b>State</b> or <b>Zipcode</b>, or <b>Country</b>
<font color=#000000>
<input type=text name=query size=33>
<input type=submit value="Fast Forecast"></font></form>


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