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What's new at Weather Underground?

Check out our newly designed Travel Planner (formerly Trip Planner).

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Learn how to use features including our "fast forecast" search, maps, weather stickers, history, astronomy, aviation maps, marine weather and more...

Technical support

Need help using our websites? Take a look at our troubleshooting and frequently asked questions pages for solutions to common problems our members may encounter.

Membership Features


Interested in joining the best weather community online? Read more about the benefits of Weather Underground membership...

WUMail - Internal Email System

We've included an internal email system so you can communicate with fellow members without exchanging personal information...

All members with accounts on Weather Underground's website are invited to use the messaging service. This service connects our personal weather station owners, WunderBlog writers, WunderPhotographers together using "handles" and a powerful, easy-to-use interface. Learn more...

Site Preference Features


Learn more about our "Favorites" feature including how to setup your "Favorites" city list, what to do when you run into trouble and more...

Language Translations

If you'd like to learn more about what languages we offer or if you'd like to help us with translations...

Data on our Site


Find out more about our marine data sources, where you can find more marine data, and get answers to frequently asked questions...

Maps & Radar

Interactive WunderMap


Click here to find information about Nexrad products, features and troubleshooting help too...


Learn more about our satellite imagery products here...

Current Conditions Maps

Would you like to know more about the maps found on Weather Underground? Find more information on our Current, Forecast, Aviation, Model and Severe Weather Maps, as well as how to set your "Favorite Map" and troubleshooting help...

Tornado Map

Learn how to use the Interactive Tornado Map, and learn what data is shown...

Community Features


The Weather Underground community is invited to share moments captured by camera with the world using the WunderPhoto feature. To learn more about WunderPhotos and how you can participate, read our online guide...


Create a space of your own to discuss weather, WunderPhotos and more in our WunderBlogs...


Share your weather web camera photos...

NOAA Weather Radio Streaming

In order to broadcast your radio to Weather Underground, you will need a weather radio that has an audio output that can be interfaced to your computer's audio card line input. You then install a free software application that is used to stream this audio to the Weather Underground servers. This audio stream will be uploaded 24x7.

Personal Weather Stations

Weather Underground's world-wide network of privately hosted weather stations is growing larger every day. Are you looking for a place to broadcast your weather online? Look no further ... the Personal Weather Station project has what you need!

Apps & Downloads

Weather Stickers Image:Wsticker2.png

Find helpful tips on how to add one of our free weather stickers to your website, outgoing email or desktop...


Educational resources

Curious about the nature and science of weather? Learn more about the information we display on the Weather Underground website and how weather works in our world...

Other features

Find information on many other Weather Underground features, including Trip Planner, Astronomy, Language Translation, adding a weather forecast search box to your website and more...


Travel Planner

Are you going somewhere and need to know what weather to expect? Click here to find out more...



XML APIs for gathering weather information...


Logo Usage Guidelines

Because the Weather Underground logo is by far the most often seen expression of our brand, it is crucial to follow these usage guidelines.

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