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Getting Started

There are a couple of steps you must follow before you can upload your camera.

Step 1 - Sign up as a WebCams user: http://www.wunderground.com/webcams/signup.html

Step 2 - Use the following information to start sending your images to Weather Underground using FTP.

  • FTP SERVER: webcam.wunderground.com
  • Username: You will be provided with a Camera ID on the sign up page in the "Your Current Cameras" box.
  • Password: You will need to log in with the same password you use to access the Weather Underground site.
  • Directory: We actually move the file for you, so if your software requires a directory you should set it as '/', but otherwise leave it blank.
  • Filename: We also change the filename of your image, so a default name can be almost anything you'd like but 'image.jpg' is preferred.
  • Binary: Please make sure that you are uploading your images through FTP using the binary setting.
  • Image Resolution: There is no minimum or maximum resolution. However, the larger the resolution, the larger the file size, so please adjust your resolution and image quality settings to get the best image within the size limitations.

I'm Uploading But It's Not Working!

We've noticed a couple of common problems. Please check your camera software for the following issues.

  • The most common problem is uploading images that are over our file size limitation which is 150K. Please check to see that your images are not over this limitation, and adjust your camera or software settings accordingly.
  • Some software packages upload a tmp file and then try to rename that file as the image name. This is not working with our current ingest daemon. Please check the settings of your software to see if this feature can be disabled, allowing a direct FTP of the image. Some software packages also try to upload HTML content with an image. This will stop your image from being successfully ingested. Please upload a single image only.
  • If you are able to upload, and the upload process reports success, but none of your images are showing on the site, make sure that your uploads are set to binary as our image conversion process will fail for images not transfered in binary format.
  • If you are trying to upload using Active FTP and it's not working, go ahead and give Passive FTP [Also called PASV FTP] a try.

I Don't Want My Web Cam To Show Up Anymore

Simply stop uploading. After 24 hours your camera will fall off of the front page.

How Often Should I Upload?

You can upload as often as you want, from once per minute, to once per 24 hours. Anything under a minute will be thrown away, and not uploading for 24 hours will take your cam off the active cam list.

Still Having Trouble?

Contact support at support@wunderground.com with a detailed description of your problem and the steps you've taken thus far.

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