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The WunderBlogs and WunderPhotos are a forum for our members to express their opinions and ideas about weather, the outdoors, and nearly everything. Some blogs, such as Dr. Jeff Masters' Blog and Dr. Ricky Rood's Climate Change Blog, have additional Community Standards that apply only to them. For the blogs at large, as well as special or featured blogs, our Terms of Service apply. Please remain within the bounds of the Terms of Service. This document will strive to provide pointers for operating within the Wunderground community according to our policies.

Rules of the Road

  1. Please do not carry on personal disputes on blogs or photos.
  2. No personal attacks. This includes, but is not limited to: name calling, harassment or bullying toward any other member.
  3. No hate speech of any kind is allowed.
  4. Threats and intimidation will not be tolerated, and behavior of this type which extends into the real world will be dealt with by extreme action.
  5. Foul or obscene language or content of any kind is not allowed.
  6. Keep conversations on topic and avoid adult-only topic themes. Our site is open to users of all ages, so please respect others.
  7. Do not quote content which violates the Rules of the Road.
  8. Do not circumvent a ban or any other administrative action by using another username or creating a new username. Most bans last 24 hours or less, please accept the ban.
  9. No monomania.
  10. No spam.


The "Rules of the Road" pertain to all types of content posted on our site, including media like photos, videos, links or quotes originating from external sources. Generally, links to non-commercial (that is, personal) weather sites, personal sites/blogs, and especially photographers' sites (even commercial) are allowed. However, if linked webpages or websites are found to contain content that goes beyond our own rules or is found to be abusive, the content and/or any reference to it will be removed. Removal of such content and any action taken against a member who violates our policies and/or Terms of Service is exercised at the discretion of Site Moderators and Admin.

You are solely responsible for all content you post on our site. We are not responsible for and do not review all user generated content on our site. However, we reserve the right to review, screen, delete, edit and/or move any content posted on our site, and without obligation.

Blog Author's Privilege

Blog authors have generally free reign in their own blogs. They can ban anyone from their blog who is not an Admin. This privilege also comes with some responsibility. Please try to keep your blog free of content that is against these policies.

Sometimes a blog owner might be forced to set your handle to ignore or ban. It is not the policy of Admin to get involved with interpersonal issues occurring amongst members. However, if a WU member's behavior is found to be in violation of the Community Standards, contact WunderBlogAdmin.

Blog Moderation

Blog owners can always control moderation on their own blogs, and site moderators will step in only where and when it's necessary. Additionally, there is the flagging system that all members are encouraged to use, and we ask that you keep these guidelines in mind when choosing to flag any content on blogs or photos.

Our featured blogs are more heavily monitored, due to significantly higher traffic, but site moderators are also frequently visiting community member blogs to ensure these rules are being adhered to. Like you, our blog moderators are bound to these same guidelines. And, when rules are broken, action is taken. Bans can either be temporary or permanent, depending on the offense. Most bans are temporary and short-lived.


Do not enter games of oneupmanship with trolls or bloggers you find to be annoying. You will be banned along side them, as your verbal jousts consume the space and time everyone else is sharing. If you come across a troll or another blogger whom you find to be irritating, please use the site reporting tools and your ignore list.

Means of Action

Issues in the blog will be handled in the following ways:

  1. Ignore - Having your blog removed from the directory, removing easy access to it. This is more like a warning and typically lasts 7 days, if there are no further problems.
  2. Ban - This is strong action, as it removes your member handle from the blogs completely, blocking access to all entries. The length of a ban is dependent upon the severity of the violation. Bans may range anywhere from a few minutes, to a few hours or permanent, depending on the offense.
  3. IP Ban - People who repeatedly circumvent bans will be the recipients of an IP ban, which blocks access to the entire site.
  4. Troll Wipe - This is the most extreme action an Admin can take, and it is reserved for flagrant, repetitive violations of the Terms of Service. This will remove the user completely, making it impossible for them to access that member handle again.


WunderBlogAdmin is a generic handle used by our employees to interact with bloggers. This gives a single point of contact for our members to report issues and dispute bans. As noted in our Terms of Service, Weather Underground does not maintain 24/7 watch over the blogs and administration is not real time. Administrators will deal with problems and answer messages that warrant a reply when they can, so please be patient.

If you have any questions about these rules please send a WUmail to WunderBlogAdmin.

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