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Banning a user means that all of their comments on your blog are instantly hidden from view, and they are no longer allowed to post comments in your blog. If the user is removed from your banned list all of their previous comments will be visible again and they will be allowed to post more comments to your blog. This ban can be for a limited number of hours or permanent as you choose.

You should be able to access your Ban List from your own blog. In order to visit your own blog, look for "My Blog" in the drop-down menu on the right hand side of the page (located to the left of the "Settings" icon). Once on your own blog locate the "Edit Banned List" link in the Control Panel on the right hand side.

Use the Banned Name spaces below to add the Wunder Handles of users whom you wish to block from posting to your blog. If the fields are left blank it will be ignored when you submit the form. To remove a name from the list, simply delete it from it's field and submit the form.

Use the Hours to Ban fields below to determine the number hours you wish a ban to last. The number of hours until the ban ends will be reported to the user when they attempt to access your blog. 0 means the ban is permanent. -1 denotes a ban with a time limit that has since expired. Any other number is seen as a number of hours the ban should remain in force.

"Hours to Ban" Options: ( 0 = Permanent ) ( -1 = Has Expired )

Please Note: Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the same action(s) twice in order for the change(s) to be complete. Names may also take a few seconds to appear in this list, and the effects of the ban may also be delayed, please be patient.

Note: The WunderBlogs are a forum for our members to express their opinions and ideas. For the blogs at large, as well as special or featured blogs, our Terms of Service' and general Community Standards apply.

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