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Weather stations on the Weather Underground network can be configured to send information to us in real time. This is the "rapid fire" feature you'll see on our web pages. When conditions change for a "rapid fire" weather station, the new data is updated instantly on our website--right before your very eyes!

The "rapid fire" feature is available for both official (NWS) and personal weather stations. When you see a station operating in "rapid fire" mode, the current conditions will update automatically as you view the location's weather page. Both the "Current Conditions" at the top of our city pages and the Personal Weather Station table at the bottom may display our world-wide network of "rapid fire" weather stations.

In order to view "rapid fire" weather station conditions in real time, JavaScript (also referred to as "scripting") MUST be enabled in your web browser. To turn the "rapid fire" feature off (preventing display anywhere on our site), click the "Diable Rapid Fire" link in the "Current Conditions" section of a city weather page. This link is located to the right of the update time and under the blue header.

To enable JavaScript in the Firefox (Mozilla) browser, open the "Tools" menu and select the "Options..." menu item. Click on the "Content" tab at the top of the window to view/change the "Java" and "JavaScript" options.

To enable JavaScript in Internet Explorer, open the "Tools" menu and select the "Internet Options..." menu item. Click on the "Security" tab at the top of the window. Click the "Advanced" button to view/change the "Scripting" group of options.

If you use another type of browser (e.g. AOL, Opera) and cannot figure out how to enable "rapid fire", we suggest using the help menu to search for "JavaScript" or a search on Google's website ( to find out where the JavaScript options reside.

If JavaScript is enabled in your web browser and you still cannot see the "rapid fire" updates, "security" software such as Norton, McAfee and Zone Alarm may be blocking our content. We suggest that you call the software company and/or your Internet service provider (ISP) for technical support. [The Weather Underground does not provide support for third party software.]

Why doesn't my station have Rapid Fire?

Right now, only Personal Weather Stations connected to our site, and reporting in our special "rapid fire" mode will update frequently (every few seconds).

Official National Weather Service reporting stations (like DTW, SFO, etc), do not have the infrastructure to send their observations frequently. They are designed to only send observations when weather conditions change, or once and hour, which every comes first.

We are considering preferring to show PWS conditions over NWS conditions since they update so much more frequently, and more and more stations support rapid fire.

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