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Advertisements provide the revenue that enables us to offer free, real-time weather information to the public on our website.

If you do not want to continue viewing our ads, please consider getting a no-ads membership. For $10 per year, you'll get ad-free, real-time weather with no banners, no sponsor links and no java pop-ups! Removing the ads means much faster load times for all of our features, including favorites, animated radar, satellite, severe weather and more.


Pop-up advertisements

The advertisements that you see are a new form of pop-up that gets around pop-up blockers. A few of the companies that advertise on our site do use this form of ad.

Political advertisements

As a media outlet, we are obligated to run political ads for any party, and are currently doing so for both Democrats and Republicans. However, when ads cross the boundary and are false, misleading, or just plain nasty, we can (and have) pulled them.

Spyware and Adware

Spyware and the like should definitely NOT be part of our advertisement system. We continue to search for ads that violate our 3rd party contracts and we will remove such ads if they are indeed associated with our website.

If you suspect that an advertiser on our site is attempting to install unwanted software without clicking on the ad itself, please let us know immediately. Be sure to include the name and/or subject of the suspected advertisement. Without this information, we cannot positively identify the content provider.

Be advised that if you click or otherwise interact with ads on our site, you are following the advertiser's link and we are not responsible for whatever happens after that point. When you follow an ad's link, you are browsing the advertiser's website and not the Weather Underground.

Ads with sound

We do not allow advertisements with sound to appear on our site. Sometimes our advertisers slip one in though, and we need to track it down to remove it. Do you remember anything else about the advertisement where you heard sound? What were they selling, or what did it look like? If you see it again and are capable of sending us the HTML (view source, copy & paste), or a screenshot of the page, that would help us get rid of it. Thank you for your patience.

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