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These are visual, step-by-step instructions for uploading an image of your weather station and connecting it to the proper station in your account.

Step 1 - Go to the WunderPhotos MultiUploader

You can find that here.

Step 2 - Choose the Photo

Click the "Choose photos to upload" link and select your station's photo from your computer. Once the photo is selected or "Open" the upload should begin.


Step 3 - Entering Information

Once the photo has uploaded, you'll need to give your image a title a caption as well as use the drop down to select with which of your weather stations this photo should be associated. You may also use the form and/or the map to show the location of the photo.


Step 4 - Send Image Information

Once you're done, click "Send All to Photo Approval Queue". Your image will have to be approved by the WunderPhoto Moderators, and it should be as long as it is a photo of your station. Once it is approved, you should see the image on your station's history page.




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