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About Marine Forecast

The marine forecasts that you'll find on our site come from the National Weather Service. The buoy data is managed by the National Data Buoy Center. For more information about the National Data Bouy Center, follow this link:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a Marine Forecast on the local forecast pages?

A link to the marine weather report should appear in the current conditions box for most coastal areas. Look for a sailboat icon labeled "Marine Forecast" in the column just under the local radar thumbnail image inside the current conditions section. There may be certain bodies of water that our system does not recognize as coastal areas, such as nearby lakes and rivers.

Where can I find Marine Weather Maps?

Our marine weather information can be accessed using the Features toolbar, which is located near the top of every web page on our site and adjacent to the rainbow logo in the top-left corner. The Features toolbar contains links to every major feature on our website. Click on the Marine link to get to our Marine Weather Maps. Use the world marine map to zoom into an area by either clicking on the map itself or the links further down the marine home page.

Look in the "current conditions" section for a sailboat icon just under the local radar images. This link appears automatically for coastal cities for which we have marine weather data. Click the "Marine Forecast" link for more detailed information.

Where can I find tide data?

You can find local tide information by searching for any city in our Search box at the top of every page, and then clicking on the "Marine Forecast" for that city. Scroll down a bit for the tide data. If we don't have it, try NOAA:

Where can I find Sea Surface Temperature data?

You can find Sea Surface Temperature data on our Marine home page:

If we do not have what you need, here are some other places to look:



U.S. Navy OTIS model: Click on "OTIS Archive" to get historical SST data back to 1997.

U.S. Navy:*/*/*/8

Is historical marine data available on Weather Underground?

Yes, we have some bouy history on our site. To find it, click on the bouy marker for the location of interest. If the history is available, you will see the pull-down calendar under the "Current Wave Detail Observations". If we do not have it on our site, you may find it here:

National Data Buoy Center:

Can I get marine forecasts sent to my cell phone?

No, unfortunately this is not an option that we have available yet. We do hope to add this sometime in the future. Stay tuned...

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