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New Model Map Interface.
New Model Map Interface.
  • To add a map to the timeline, select a model, domain, map type, and current or previous run from the drop down menus.
  • To navigate through hours and maps on the timeline, Scroll your mouse over the hours, or use the i j k and l keys. I moves up a row, K moves down a row, J moves back one time period, L moves forward one time period.
  • To animate a map, click "animate" at the end of the row you wish to animate. Once the animation starts, two arrows and the word stop will appear, clicking the up arrow increases animation speed, the down arrow decreases animation speed. Clicking stop will stop the animation.
  • When more than one map is present on the timeline, "remove" will appear at the end of the line, click this to remove the corresponding row from the timeline.
  • Checking "Reset" removes all models from the timeline, and adds the model you have specified from the drop down menus when you click "Add a Map".
  • For support, please e-mail Tim at tim@wunderground.com
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