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Favorite Maps

You can set any of our maps as your favorite map. This will cause the site to always show your favorite map when you load the home page at:


On our home page, select the map you'd like to see as your default home page map. Then, click the "Save This as Your Default Map View" link, located underneath "Map Controls" and the selected weather map.

Severe Weather Maps

The lines that you see on our Severe Weather maps represent National Weather Services zone forecast boundaries, which normally are the same as county lines except in areas where there are factors that make the weather vary, such as mountains or oceans.

Snow Maps

The snow map is generated from a global satellite analysis done by the Air Force once per day, and is not made available to us until 8 pm on the day it is done. Thus, if you check during the day, the map will be 1-2 days old.

The data comes from a northern hemisphere analysis done by the Air Force; their data appears flawed, the U.P. of Michigan is another troublespot. Not sure what to do about the problem, I guess I'll look into combining the data with regular surface observations.

Aviation Maps

You can find winds aloft maps at: http://www.wunderground.com/Aviation_Maps/

Latitude & Longitude

The map projections we use are square latitude/longitude grids, which means that the distance scale is different depending on if you're measuring north-south or east-west. Thus, we don't post a map scale.

For reference:

  • 5 degrees of latitude = 345 miles
  • 5 degrees of longitude = 313 miles at 25 degrees latitude (Miami)
  • 5 degrees of longitude = 283 miles at 35 degrees latitude (North Carolina)
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