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Weather Underground offers Astronomy data on our website. You will find sunrise, sunset and moon information for the current day at the top of our local weather pages under Current Conditions. You can find more information lower on the page in the "Nearby" section. There is also a "More Astronomy" link that will take you to our Astonomy page where you can find detailed information about the stars for any location. There is a direct link to our Astronomy page through our "Travel & Activities" tab at the top of all our webpages.

You can find historical Sunrise/Sunset, Moonrise/Moonset, Moon Phase, Moon illumination, Eclipses data at the following site:


Tide Times

Local tide information is available for most coastal cities on our Marine page. You can use the "Maps & Radar" or the "Travel & Activities" section and then click on "Marine Maps" or "Marine & Boating". We also have a marine link located on the local forecast page for coastal communities in the "Nearby" section.

Click on the section of the map you are interested in, and then scroll down below the forecast for tide information.

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